GTV Productions

Gregg Therieau
Producer / Cinematographer

Gregg's Bio

Gregg Therieau is an award winning, nationally recognized cinematographer, where his unique training and passion for his work enables him to capture and tell captivating stories with the lens.

In 1992 Gregg took the first step toward his cinematography career by way of color correction at a small motion picture laboratory in Hollywood, CA. Having extensive skills previously in still photography, it only took seven months of color correcting low budget independent films for Gregg’s first big break. Gregg’s proven eye for color and attention to detail garnered him a color timer/dailies supervisor position at Technicolor in North Hollywood, CA. During his 5 years at Technicolor, Gregg color corrected and maintained the visual consistency on all dailies footage for over 130 feature films. Working as a technical liaison between the laboratory and the director of photography, Gregg built close relationships with the world's top cinematographers, adding him priceless mentoring which continues to help fine tune his craft.

In 1998, Gregg relocated to
Atlanta, GA and began working behind the camera, shooting long and short format documentaries and corporate video. In 2001 Gregg’s first documentary feature as Director of Photography, "Confederacy Theory", won the Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature at the Atlanta Film Festival and was broadcast nationally on the PBS series Independent Lens.  Over the last 17 years Gregg has lensed over 40 reality television and documentary series for a variety of broadcast networks and film festivals. Gregg continues to live in Atlanta, GA with his wife and 4 children.